PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) in Kandivali Mumbai

Small injections of the PRP deliver the powerful platelet-

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)

PRP is also known as platelet rich plasma. It is an in-office, non-surgical, autologous treatment derived from the patient’s own blood that can be performed in about an hour. Special gentle and sterile techniques and equipment are used to separate and concentrate the platelets and plasma from a small sample of peripheral blood. PRP contains growth factors and cytokines that have been shown to be responsible for stimulating and enhancing hair follicle function. The scalp is prepared with antiseptic solution and anesthetic (a “ring block,” not simply local anesthetic gel) is used to completely numb the scalp for a relatively painless procedure. Small injections of the PRP deliver the powerful platelet-derived growth factors into the skin at the level of the weak follicles, thereby stimulating hair growth.

PRP is done for patients facing hair loss and for facial rejuvenation (vampire facial).

Multiple sessions are warranted for a noticeable reduction in hair fall and to reverse hair thinning.

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